Solo performance

Duration: 25 min


“White Savage is a research about the listenning and what evoque us emotional and/or physically. From the emptiness and the memory. How I interpretate my body and the space through these frames and how much i let them ressonates in my boby is the challenge. Making desitions to open space for the reflexion. It is a body transformation from the figurative to the abstract of the sound understanding the body as a landscape.”

Can we identify any kind of sound? How is the impact? How much ressonates in our bodies? How fast affect us? In the last years, Anna Fontanet, has been investigating around the frecuencies enviroment, from sonor static material until moving sonor bodies, with the aim to generate landscapes enviroments that enrich the quality of the gesture and drive me through the dance. The frecuencies that I receive through the computer, the noises of electrodomestics, the frens of a car, the tic tac from a old clock, armonic chants are sources to generate sonored field basis for the movement proposal.


Autoria, direcció coreogràfica, interpretació i composició sonora Anna Fontanet
Autoria i direcció musical  
Anna Fontanet i Guillem Codern 
Suport tècnic Raimon Homs 

Fotografia Mehmet Vanlı 
Feedback artístic  Juylen Hamilton, Manel Salas i Nadine Gerspacher  
Amb el suport a la creació de Nunart (Barcelona), Centre Associació Cultural Casa Orlandai (Barcelona), Sala Baratza (Vitòria-Gasteiz) i Espacio en Blanco (Madrid).
Photography @Mehmet Vanli

Work in progress images

Espacio en Blanco (Madrid) | November 2017| Residence period.


 Upcoming performances
2019| 04| 27| Terrats en Cultura (CC. La Bobila).
Latest performances
2019 | 04| QDM (Quinzena Metropolitana de la dansa)| La Caldera | Barcelona
2018 | 09| 22|  NOCHE SCRATXE#12 |Sala Baratza| Vitoria- Gasteig
2018| 04| 17|  FESTIVAL HIER=JETZ |  Swchere Reiter| München