Behind the spinning spiral of wilder white, colors and sounds are revealed; expression emerges. From emptiness comes the present moment and memory.

Solo performance | 45 min


Can we identify any kind of sound? How does sound impact us? How much does it resonate in our bodies?
In the last years, I have been investigating the frequencies of the world around me, from pure sinusoidal waves to audible material bodies; with the aim to generate “soundscapes” that enrich the quality of the gesture and guide my approach to expression and transformation through dance.
They are everyday sounds, appliances, harmonic chants, popular rallies, slogans of protesters, or silences; among other digital frequencies that arise randomly within the life cycle of the piece.
These soundscapes take their own space within the performance, before and after the movement is produce on the stage, opening a broad spectrum of possible meanings that I as a mover develop through the performance.  That is to say, the soundscapes and the composition of the movement are intricately connected and informed by each other throughout the piece.
The performance “Wilder White” combines dance and digital arts as a means to interpret and compose soundscapes that have been captured through different phases of the creation process. These extracts belong to the environment that surrounds us, whether we like it or not.
I have been capturing recordings since 2018 until today. The last one was made in Munich on September 20th at the first global climate strike. How do we now build the present? How is tradition and culture permeable? These are some of the issues that surround the creation in which I have been submerged throughout the creative process.


Idea/ Concept:  Anna Fontanet
Anna Fontanet i Guillem Codern 
Lightdesign Jaume Ortiz 
Supported by Nunart (Barcelona), Centre Associació Cultural Casa Orlandai (Barcelona), Sala Baratza (Vitòria-Gasteiz) i Espacio en Blanco (Madrid).


2019| 09| 15 | SALA BARATZA | Vitoria-Gasteig
2019| 05| 30| FESTIVAL MALDÀ EN DANSA – Antic Teatre (Barcelona)
2019| 04| 27| Terrats en Cultura (CC. La Bobila).
2019 | 04| QDM (Quinzena Metropolitana de la dansa)| La Caldera | Barcelona
2018 | 09| 22|  NOCHE SCRATXE#12 |Sala Baratza| Vitoria- Gasteig
2018| 04| 17|  FESTIVAL HIER=JETZ |  Swchere Reiter| München
Photography @Mehmet Vanli @Tristan Perez @Marga Pares

Work in progress images

Espacio en Blanco (Madrid) | November 2017| Residence period.