Now Ask Nothing | Nothing Ask Now

Artistic team

Idea, creation: Anna Fontanet
Sound space and digital arts: Anna Fontanet
Dramaturgical advice: Alba Sanmartí Masdeu
Vocal advice: Numil Guerra
Lighting: Irene Ferrer Panicot 
Photography and video: Silvia Parés  i Tristán Perez-Martín 
Costume: Krizia Robustella
Supported by: 
Generalitat de Catalunya | Departament de Cultura, La Caldera Les Corts | Centre de creació , La Faktoria | Centre coreogràfic, Danzalava | Festival Internacional de dansa i moviment, Azala | Espai de creació .


This piece is born from curiosity and interest in generating live soundscapes -Voice(S)capes- through dance and digital arts. I cohabit with the corporealities of voice, body, and space.
Now is the field of work. Ask is the method to trace the trajectory. Nothing is the origin and the destination.
Through play and listening, I catalyze voices and sounds that pass through me and transform me in a back and forth motion from outside to inside and inside out. From artificiality to organization, I enter fields of exploration of my own existence in relation to sound as a form of thought.
I come from silence and return to it. Every sound, every movement could be an autobiographical fragment.
This project arises from the previous creation WILDER WHITE. A solo performance based on instant sound and movement composition. NAN takes over the investigation.