Dancer, perform and independent artis based in Barcelona. Trained at Varium Dance School (Barcelona), she followed a dance professional training program between 2004 and 2007, and after graduating in graphic design, which allowed her to combine these two fields. In 2011, she studied a degree in Digital Arts in Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). Since then, she includes music composition and digital arts in her artistic projects. Since 2011, after finished the Master’s Degree in Digital Arts at IDEC (Pompeu Fabra University), it incorporates sound composition and digital arts into its artistic projects. “The Beast” is the result of this period. Piece that will be presented at the second edition of the CIM Festival (2016).

Her collaborations have taken place mainly between the cities of Barcelona and Munic. She collaborated in her home city with the coreographers Angels Margarit, Vero Cendoya, Nadine Gerspacher and Olga Alvarez.

She has collaborated in the city of Munich with the choreographer Stephan Herwig, acting as a dancer in the performances “In This Very Moment” (2012), “Unleashed” (2014), “Monument” (2015) and “Schweifen” (2017). Also in Munich, she has danced with Katja Mirjam Boom the piece “Die Faszination der fünfsamkeit” (2012), and with the choreographer Sabine Glenz she interpreted a retrospective project of her dance solo work (2016). Besides, with Moritz Ostruchnjak and Daniela Bendini she took part as a dancer in the piece “Text Neck” (2016).

From 2017 she initiates her trajetory as an independent artist with her solo “White Savage” premiered in Munich april 2018, and performed  at Vitoria-Gasteig and  at “La Quinzena Metropolitana de la Dansa” Barcelona, 2019.

She teaches instant composition workshops, related to the creative processes in which she has been immersed. As a dancer, she adds qualities of movement, spatial ideas and conceptual perspective. Building characters that adapt to the imaginary of the choreographer and / or artistic director. As an improviser she peforms for democratize, diversify, expand and decontextualize forms; sailing between the research and the intuition.

As a creator in the field of dance, she is interested in opening spaces for communication through the movement; in the social-human and performative field. Understand the world through dance. Art as a language, free from social, physical or gender stigmata.