Contact Improvisation

Through contact improvisation my body is transformed. I feel how each cell, skin and look expand. After I have interacted with other bodies, other uniques forms of continuity in the space, I can get further, with more force and precision. The dance frame is then more accurate, more real and solid. The distance between the physical parameteres increase. The extremes intesify. I can choose from the largest range.

In this workshop I share the creative processes in which I have been and I am immersed together with other improvisers  from all over the world. Relating the physical forces that guide us through the movement, as inertia, gravity and the present moment.

On February 2018 I participated in a very special encounter named “The Long Dance” mentored by Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas.

An international improvisers “gang” (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Galway, Londres, Columbus, L.A, Berlin, Hamburg, Helsinki, Roma … ) we gathered during a period of three weeks to immerse in Contact Improvisation, the “Underscore”, the Contemplative Dance practise and the relationships between other artistics disciplines as writing, illustration, music, digital arts,…

Each one of us shared creatives processes, perspectives and background experiences. The result was a colored range of open processes that today are still alives in our own research, but in the distance.

Part of my last dance project,“White Wild”, belongs there.


These proposal is an open call for whom is interested in movement through contact. Either if you are a dancer or not, an artist or a physiotherapist or an artist and physiotherapist.

It is for whom they aim to expand their own self-knowledge through the movement of the other bodies and the analysis of the physical forces created on the journey.

We will work with basic tools and resources, scores and movement progressions that allow us to create a creative and safe space of improvisation and research, without pressures. Where not to feel lost or stressed for the pressure of doing something.

Schedules Proposals


Duration: From 1:30h to 6h 


Duration: 3h per day through 5days.


Duration: From 5h per Day x 2Days