Instant composition and improvisation

“Resonances” is the result of the interplay between the intuition, research and memory. Intuition as a playground to explore and experience decision taking; research as the area to tune and enrich the physical parameters that compose our own dance; and memory as a field of recognition of our own paterns, to dearticulate and expand them to new perspectives.

From the conscious body, the resting body, to the active or reactive body, we transform thoughts into actions.

“Resonances” is a platform born during the creative processes in which I have been immersed in the last recent years.

The working process seeks to democratise forms; any kind of form can lead us to unexplored fields. The task consist in opening these new spaces of communication between bodies. Working from the “here, now and all”: in this space, in the present moment and with all the possibilities that come to us.

The training is articulated around the listening and the permeability as channels of communication that tune us and feel us passioned in our own movement proposals.

Research for creative processes and
instant composition performances

This laboratory  is intended to dance professionals and students, improvisers and artists of the scenic movement who want to identify the nature of their own gesture to diversify, radiate or decontextualize their discourse.

Proposal Formats
-Session – 1 DAY.

Duration: From 2:30h to 6h.


Duration: 3h per day, during 5 days.


Duration: 5h per day, during 2days.