Instant composition performance. Duration 20 min.

White savage is a construction based on soundscapes. It shapes predescriptive and descriptive compositional sound structures that help building the scene. The particularity of these soundscapes is that they are built under a random structure, keeping the improvisation in three parallel states: being present, curious and responsive.

At the same time, each section develops specific sound items that arouse my conscience in structural and compositional ways. The piece draws its inspiration from the work of Zygmunt Bauman, who brought up two interesting notions: a liquid modernity and the nostalgic’s era.

The work in progress of this project has been supported by Nunart (Barcelona), Espacio en Blanco (Madrid) and Cc Casa Orlandai ( Barcelona).

What it is shown in the video link is an overlapping of rehearsals held in “Espacio en Blanco” (Madrid), where I enjoyed an artistic residence during two weeks last December 2017.