The structure of the proposal is based in these two aspects. The journey points to create a membrana that it could allow to each dancer, actor  or mover to take decisions from diferent nature. Desicions taken from an individual perspective, groupal or/and structural circumstances in a shape of detailed scores. These are mixed with exercises of breathing, center of the body and contact. Feeding each interpreter with layers of composition and options where we all could hook at them entirely or partially.



4Jun. “Poma, fulla, farola”, INEFC University. Barcelona.

3Jun.”Dimensions and interactions” ESPACIO EN BLANCO. Madrid.

May. “Physical forces”, INEFC University Barcelona.

8Feb. “Dimensions and interactions” with Johanna Richter. HIER=JETZT / Plattform für zeitgenössischen Tanz im Schwere Reiter.  München.