by Moritz Ostruschnjak

Premiere: 8th December 2016

The digital world has become part of our daily life – and has necessarily changed it. Not only that we walk through cities
with a spellbound stare onto our smart phones and alter our physiognomy: „text neck“ has become a new symptom.
How do human beings change and develop – and how are they optimized – in the context of a digital and technological society?
The internet’s root network offers us all freedoms; we playfully create new identities and realities, expand into the
ever-present and multi-dimensional and still require our real bodies in order to operate the equipment.
Acceleration and multi-tasking characterize these changings; they offer us inspiration for choreographic research.
Together with the dancers, the musicians of 48nord move electroacoustically on the playground of infinite digital possibilities
and transpose them into three-dimensional sensual perception.

Idea / Concept: Moritz Ostruschnjak
Choreography: Moritz Ostruschnjak, Daniela Bendini
Performance / Creation: Anna Fontanet, Alexis Jestin, Isaac Spencer
Live-Electronic / Music: 48nord
Lighting Design: Tanja Rühl
Sound: Paolo Mariangeli
Costumes: Renate Ostruschnjak
Management: Hannah Melder