by Stephan Herwig

Premiere: 15th September 2016

In Stephan Herwig’s next work, the dancers’ bodies create a vibrant and mutable organism in an interaction with light and sound. As they wander and meander, multi-dimensional ephemeral atmospheric images are created; they resist a clear attribution. Movement sequences are formed and then dissolve; they progress like gazes or thoughts. They allow observers to follow their own associations and interpretations in the echoes of the dance.

Choreografie: Stephan Herwig
Tanz: Inês Carijó, Anna Fontanet, Àngel Duran, ​Maxwell McCarthy, Moritz Ostruschnjak
Lichtdesign: Michael Kunitsch
Choreografische Assistenz: Karen Piewig
Produktionsleitung: Hannah Melder
Pressearbeit: Beate Zeller


by Stephan Herwig 
Premiere: 13th Nov 2015 
A dance as a temporary monument. A moment of transience.
Stephan Herwig celebrates with his new piece “Monument” both the volatility of dance as well as the individuality of each.
The dancers create sculptural movement patterns and sequences, which sometimes appear fragile, sometimes vehement.
A manifesto of physicalness arises without leaving physical traces.


by Stephan Herwig (2014)

“Beauty can also exist in violence.
To feel beauty is a better thing
Than to understand
How we come to feel it”.
(George Santayana – The Sense of Beauty, 1896)


by Stephan Herwig (2011)

Opened boxes of various constellations choreographic variations, and loops for four dancers, light and sound.